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The iconic outline of a mature bull tahr silhouetted on a high rocky bluff is not to be soon forgotten by the hunter as he toils closer with each step. The old bull stands high and proud as he surveys his alpine domain, the wind blowing through his long mane brings every scent from the steep slopes below.

Himalayan tahr are one of the most sought-after alpine trophies in the world and we have worked long and hard to provide the ultimate hunting experience for these amazing animals. Tahr are nimble and fleet of foot and prefer the mountainous rocky steep bluffs to easier terrain below.

Originally from the mountains of the Himalayas they adapted well to the Southern Alps of New Zealand and we now have the best huntable population of Tahr in the World.

At Wilderness Quest we have the widest range of hunting options available for our hunters based on their personal preferences and capabilities. Our hunting options range from the most prestigious and famous tahr hunting private properties in New Zealand to the wildest and most remote of all tahr hunting areas, the West Coast wilderness.

Our tahr hunts are on foot and for our West Coast wilderness hunts we access our spike camp by helicopter. This allows us to hunt these magnificent animals in the beauty and serenity of their alpine home, undisturbed by the influences of man.

Our guides are very experienced at hunting tahr and over the years we have had a very high success rate harvesting top quality trophies including the current World Record #1 Himalayan Tahr taken in 2012 on wilderness land.

The tahr rut is from May to July and the best time to hunt tahr in their long winter coats is from April through August.

The quest for a trophy bull tahr is the highlight of the trip for many of our hunters.

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