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Sightseeing Activities

In recent years New Zealand scenery has become legendary through several blockbuster movies that have showcased our seemingly mystical and unexplored mountains, lakes and rivers. You can experience the enchantment of 'Middle Earth' on our popular sightseeing tours. We have our own aircraft that can show you the most rugged terrain in New Zealand from the comfort of your seat. We have combined our flight service with other top operators to create a top Flight Experience which includes a helicopter flight and snow landing on the Franz Josef Glacier and a 2 hour boat cruise at Milford Sound. Prepare to be amazed as you experience first-hand what has been described as the 7th Wonder of the World.

In addition to our Scenic Flight Experience we also offer local sightseeing tours and combine these tours with local historical exhibits and unique coastline features along the beautiful and wild West Coast of the South Island.

In our local area we have shopping at genuine New Zealand art shops where you can watch local talented artists create timeless masterpieces from New Zealand's rare and beautiful Pounamu rock. Pounamu was formed thousands of years ago deep beneath the earth under extreme pressure and heat. Today it can be found in rivers where it has been washed from the mountains along the jagged New Zealand alpine fault line.


Located only 10 km south of Greymouth, Shantytown is where New Zealand retells the inspirational stories of the hardy, treasure seeking immigrants who battled through the harsh conditions of the most challenging of the 19th century's great gold rushes to become West Coasters. A new breed of New Zealander who brought an invigorated pulse to the heart of the nation; a pulse that beats loudly in the character of today's New Zealander.

Wonderful true stories and engaging, interactive activities make Shantytown one of New Zealand's premier cultural and heritage experiences. The perfect location to be both an observer and a participant in the history that helped form the heart of the nation.

Shantytown is open every day from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.


It's no secret that New Zealand has outstanding fishing! New Zealand is world famous for Brown Trout fishing. Fly fishing or rod and reel with lures. Most of the New Zealand rivers are open October 1st till April 30th. Others are open all year.

These are some of the clearest and cleanest rivers in the world. Sea-run Browns can reach 10-15 lbs. We offer fishing in the stunning Haupiri River and Haupiri Lake at the base of our private land. There are also many other nearby fishing areas.

Our hunting lodge is situated right on the crystal clear Haupiri River with world renowned brown trout fishing. It would be hard for anyone to beat such a great opportunity to experience the great New Zealand outdoors.


We have horses available for treks through pristine native bush and river flats in the Haupiri valley. A terrific adventure for friends and family.

This is a great bonus for the non-hunter with breathtaking views and photo opportunities, experienced guides and stunning scenery. Everything for a great trip!

Rates: $195 per person for 4 hour trip

"Special rates for locals and family groups - price on application"


These are a native nocturnal fish in NZ freshwaters. The body is long and snakelike and coloration is dark brown to grey-black with a yellow or grey belly.

They do not usually exceed 1.2 m in length and 10 kg in weight, but exceptional specimens 2 m long and weighing over 50 kg have been reported. The female is consistently almost twice the length of the male.

They are fun to hunt for by spotlight after dark, as that is when they come out to feed. We have many creeks and rivers on our Haupiri Valley estate to hunt these fish in.


In New Zealand on a clear day the magnificence of this rugged and untamed country can only truly be appreciated from the air.

Air West Coast, our choice of scenic airlines, offers a unique experience.

Take the famous Mt Cook and the impressive Fox & Franz Josef Glaciers, and include a Milford Sound adventure. Also a launch trip on the Fjord.

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