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Red Stag

The first footprints of Red Stags in New Zealand were in 1851 and since that time Red Deer have flourished into what we have today! New Zealand is a sub-tropical island paradise abundant with rich vegetation and completely absent of large predators. Over the years there have been further introductions of improved genetics from England and Germany. Combining these genetics with our perfect growing conditions it is no surprise that our trophy Red Stags are the best to be found anywhere in the world!

With a liveweight of only 350 - 500 pounds the Red Stags of New Zealand grow the largest antlers of any animal in the world for their body size.

Our Red Stag hunting is in the Haupiri Valley nestled at the base of mountains on the West Coast of New Zealand with stunning views, snow fed rivers, and lakes shrouded in mist.

Red Stags can be hunted from February to August with the Rut being March to mid-May. During the Rut the Red Stags 'roar' and challenge each other for dominance. The Rut is an almost primeval time to see these monarchs at their greatest. Aggressive fighting is common between dominant stags and often then these great battles result in the loser leaving mortally wounded.

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