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Global Rescue

From the mountains of the Himalaya, to the deserts of Namibia to the jagged spires of Patagonia, Global Rescue provides the world's most comprehensive medical and security evacuation services. We protect your health and safety with real-time access to critical care paramedics, Johns Hopkins Medicine specialists and an elite team of military special operations veterans.

Experience Matters - Global Rescue has over 10 years of experience with 5000+ missions, rescuing and evacuating adventurers from difficult, remote, and dangerous locations, and from the aftermath of natural disasters, geopolitical instability and terrorist attacks. That's a claim others simply cannot make.

Get Immediate Access - Call us or press the Emergency button on Global Rescue's advanced Mobile App. You are immediately connected with first responders in our operations center who can identify you and your location and respond to your call. Using your GPS coordinates, Global Rescue can deploy emergency response services to your exact location. In an emergency, you are always connected to help.

Hospital of Your Choice - Global Rescue will deploy medical and security personnel, bring you to safety or to one of 200 internationally recognized Medical Centers of Excellence and thousands of clinics worldwide, or if you request, transport you to your home country hospital of choice*.

*Many travel insurance and credit card plans only reimburse for transport to the nearest hospital. Global Rescue will transport you all the way home.

Service Highlights

  • No Activity Restrictions
  • Medical Field Evacuation from the point of injury or illness
  • Deployable Personnel to your hospital
  • Security Evacuation by Special Operations Veterans
  • 24/7 Medical & Security Advisory Services

"Six days into a trek to Everest Base Camp I developed a potentially life threatening condition that required immediate evacuation off the mountain. Global Rescue arranged for a helicopter to pick me up within an hour of the initial call to them and then had me delivered to a Kathmandu medical facility for emergency treatment within less than an hour after that. The physicians there were clear with me that had I not received such a timely evacuation, I would have suffered potentially irreparable organ damage."

Don B., Global Rescue Member
Field Rescue: Mount Everest

American Alpine Club, Explorers Club, U.S. Ski Team, National Geographic, NASA and over 500 other organizations trust Global Rescue's medical and security services - shouldn't you?

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