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Game Birds

Due to the abundance of feed and above-average rainfall on the West Coast we have a waterfowler's paradise with massive flocks of Paradise Shelduck, Pukeko (NZ Swamp Hen), and Black Swan. During our waterfowl season (May - July) our hunters enjoy bag limit quantities of quality ducks, swans and Pukeko.

In addition to the excellent waterfowl hunting we also have exceptional populations of three species of Pheasant. To hunt Pheasants over our experienced dogs using traditional walk-up methods is a great way to spend the day with your friends. Popular with local New Zealand hunters and overseas guests hunting pheasants is a fun and exciting activity with your friends.


Merriam's turkey are spread out in locations all over New Zealand. They have no predators and will multiply quite fast. Toms will get to 20lbs plus.

Turkeys are very cautious birds and will fly or run at the first sign of danger. Wild turkeys are omnivorous foraging on the ground or climbing shrubs and small trees to feed.

Although turkeys often feed in woods, for mating they move to areas that provide visibility, such as open woods, fields, pastures, shrubby growth, and even quiet roads, using their excellent eyesight to spot danger. Open areas near woods or brush give displaying males, and the females they attract, a quick means of escape.

A number of wild turkeys roam our hunting estate and make a fun add-on hunt. There are no seasons or limits. The best strutting times are from mid July - mid November. It's not uncommon to shoot 3 toms a day.

Paradise Ducks

Paradise ducks are prized game birds, fun to hunt and when mounted these large, unusual birds make an excellent addition to your trophy room.

Both the male and female have striking plumage, the male having a black head and barred black body and the female a white head with a chestnut body. The paradise duck usually live as pairs and mate for life. Paradise Ducks are unusual in that the hen has much brighter markings than the drake. This is opposite to most duck species where the hen is drab coloured so she is better camouflaged when sitting on the nest. They also mainly graze on pasture grass so we hunt them on land not over water.

There are large numbers of these birds on all areas of the Haupiri Valley so when hunting over decoys we get large numbers coming in. This makes for an exciting hunt with plenty of action. We have quality semi-auto shotguns available for hunters to use so they do not have to bring their own.

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