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Hunting Australia

Australia is our closest neighbour and we offer exceptional hunting in the Northern Territory for Water Buffalo, Banteng, Scrub bulls and Wild Boar and Rusa deer. The floodplains of the territory are well known for their big buffalo and our local guide has a real knack of getting you up close and personal with huge trophy bulls! For both rifle and bow hunters we offer great hunts and have excellent success including several top ten SCI buffalo.

Comfortable accommodations are at a wilderness lodge or hotel close to the hunting areas. All meals are provided and there are plenty of refreshments available!

Arrival Point for our hunts is Darwin where your guide will meet you and take you to the hunting area. Our hunting season runs from May to September.

We supply excellent rifles for your hunt and you will need a Firearms Permit to hunt with our rifles or to bring your own. It is essential that your permit is secured early and it is not a difficult process so get your application in 3 months before your hunt is scheduled.

Hunting in northern Australia is an exciting addition to your New Zealand hunting trip and there is so much to do, both hunting and sightseeing! This is a must-do to maximise your South Pacific experience!

Contact us for pricing for your choice of hunt options!

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